Holy Motors

holy-motors_lavant-23With HOLY MOTORS the visionary Léos Carax returns to the screen with
resounding force, following a period of more than a decade that saw only a short
subject, “Merde” — part of the TOKYO! triptych also including works by Michel
Gondry and Bong-Joon Ho — and a small role in Harmony Korineʼs MISTER
LONELY. But it was the deliciously confrontational “Merde” (French for “shit”), featuring
recurring Carax player Denis Lavant as a sewer troglodyte amok in the streets of
Tokyo, which helped give birth to HOLY MOTORS, his first feature film since
POLA X in 1999. “The new film was born of my incapacity to carry out several
projects, all of them in another language and another country,” Carax explains.
“They all ran into the same two obstacles: casting and cash. Fed up with not
being able to film, I used “Merde” as my inspiration.” Carax thus set about
fashioning a project under similar conditions, exclusively in France: an
inexpensive film, made quickly, for a pre-selected actor.
The result is something unique on movie screens — a deliriously entertaining and
defiantly strange journey of the soul that careens through the streets of Paris
exuding comedy, mystery, romance, intrigue and melodrama. HOLY MOTORS is
a love letter to both the City of Lights and the flickering lights of movie magic
through the years, as embodied by one of the most mischievously original screen
protagonists in memory.



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